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See important note below
Enter password:
Re-Enter password:
Enter text to scramble:
Press to code or decode:
Scrambled output:
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Scrambler encrypts your messages using a password you provide. You enter the password (twice to make sure you don't mistype it), enter your clear text and click the button. Your output text is shown in the bottom text box.

To unscramble, you paste the code from the bottom text box into the top box, enter the same password and click the button again.

It's important you don't enter any extra characters in the box when unscrambling.

By using this page to encrypt and decrypt messages, you acknowledge that I have no control over the content or origin of those messages.

©2003 Sean McManus -

Important note

My Scramble program above is not impossible to break - the code is particularly vulnerable to a frequency crack if the message is long and the length of the password is known. But it's a relatively simple way to create coded messages that will bypass keyword-filters and prying eyes.

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