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Inspiral Carpets: Cool As compilation

New Inspiral Carpets greatest hits/rarities pack

Inspiral Carpets: Cool as The new triple-disc compilation 'Cool As' includes the singles, a rarities disc and a DVD of the videos and some live songs. The track listing (see below) has been put together by the band - unlike The Singles album which was put together by Mute - and reflects the diversity of output the band recorded.

Track listing

Disc 1

  1. Keep The Circle Around
  2. Butterfly
  3. Joe
  4. Find Out Why
  5. Move
  6. This Is How It Feels
  7. She Comes In The Fall
  8. Biggest Mountain
  9. Weakness
  10. Caravan
  11. Please Be Cruel
  12. Dragging Me Down
  13. Two Worlds Collide
  14. Generations
  15. Bitches Brew
  16. How It Should Be
  17. Saturn 5
  18. I Want You
  19. Uniform
  20. Come Back Tomorrow

Disc 2

  1. Theme From Cow
  2. Seeds Of Doubt
  3. Garage Full Of Flowers
  4. 96 Tears
  5. You Can't Take The Truth
  6. Greek Wedding Song
  7. Causeway
  8. Directing Traffic
  9. Sackville
  10. Commercial Reign
  11. Skidoo
  12. Tainted Love
  13. Paper Moon
  14. I Don't Want To Go Blind
  15. Paranoid
  16. Iron
  17. You've Got What It Takes


Promo Videos

  1. Joe
  2. Find Out Why
  3. Move
  4. This Is How It Feels
  5. She Comes In The Fall
  6. Biggest Mountain
  7. Commercial Reign (US version)
  8. Caravan
  9. Please Be Cruel
  10. Dragging Me Down
  11. Generations
  12. Bitches Brew
  13. How It Should Be
  14. Saturn 5
  15. I Want You
  16. Uniform
  17. Come Back Tomorrow

Live At G-Mex:

  1. Real Thing
  2. Besides Me
  3. Sackville
  4. Song For A Family
  5. The Beast Inside
  6. She Comes In The Fall
  7. Grip

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