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Social Networking for the Older and Wiser

Book cover: Social networking for the older and wiserBy Sean McManus

Note that this book was published in 2010 and many of the networks covered in the book have changed significantly since then.

Social Networking for the Older and Wiser guides readers as they take their first steps exploring social networks. The book is packed with step-by-step examples and teaches readers how to reconnect with old friends from school and work; how to keep in touch with friends and family online; and how to make new friends in online communities. With a focus throughout on the interests of over-50s, the book also shows how social networks can be used to facilitate real-world meetings.

Whether you're familiar with Facebook, or intrigued by Twitter, Social Networking for the Older and Wiser will show you how to create your profile, how to find others who share your interests, and how to share messages and photos. The book's reassuring guidance helps you to make the most of the opportunities at each social network without compromising your privacy, or your security.

With this book as your guide, you will be able to explore Facebook, Friends Reunited, Twitter, Saga Zone, Eons, Meetup and Ning. The book will also give you the confidence to explore other social networks, including the appendix listing of specialist networks for hobbies such as gardening, crochet and genealogy.

Social Networking for the Older and Wiser is written in a friendly and reassuring voice and is packed with relevant full-colour screenshots to guide you through the key stages. Each chapter concludes with a fun quiz to help recap the key points.

Social Networking for the Older and Wiser is written by Sean McManus, author of Small Business Websites That Work, and a keen social networker. He has written widely for magazines including Internet Magazine, Personal Computer World, Internet Works and Business 2.0.

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What's in the book?

Tag cloud of the most frequent words in Social Networking for the Older and Wiser

Tag cloud showing the most frequent words in the book Social Networking for the Older and Wiser. Created using Wordle. Enlarge it.

In Social Networking for the Older and Wiser, you'll find in-depth guidance on how to use leading social networking websites. There is a chapter dedicated to each of Facebook, Friends Reunited, Twitter, Saga Zone, Eons, Meetup and Ning. You'll learn how to find friends old and new, how to exchange messages and photos with them, how to play games with your friends, and how to organise events. In Part 3 of the book, you'll learn how to create your own social networking groups, to help you organise your real-life groups, such as your writer's circle.

If you're reading this website, you probably already have the skills required to use websites, but there's also an appendix that will take you from your first click to website mastery.

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