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A virtual reality sitemap

To see this sitemap, you'll need to have a VRML (virtual reality modelling language) viewer installed, such as Cortona.

The sitemap shows a 3D room which you can walk around, with objects representing different pages on my site. Objects have labels that float in front of them as you approach, and messages with more detail which appear in the sky when you put the mouse over the object. Click on an object to go to the page it represents. Not every page on this site is represented here. You can walk through the objects in the 3D sitemap.

Want to create your own sitemap like this?

This sitemap was created in 2004 using Citemap, a program made by a company called Trivista which no longer seems to exist (as at June 2011). It was a freeware program that enabled you to create simple VRML scenes by dragging pre-defined objects onto a grid and assigning links and labels to them. The 100 object collection is eccentric (including maidens and kings, aliens, "bad wig" and two different breeds of dog) but the collection includes a few objects you can customise with your text or pictures, making it ideal for creating simple walkthrough sitemaps. Citemap comes with an optimiser to trim VRML files. It cut my Citemap creation from 160K to a bandwidth-friendly 30K.

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