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3D web design

It's no mistake that we store our work in 'folders' and navbars are designed with 'buttons'. Metaphors from the real world make computers easier to use. So when it comes to navigating websites, what could be more intuitive than a 3D environment that you appear to walk through?

Click on the reduced screengrabs below, or the text titles, to see the examples of various 3D webdesign technologies.

Make a 3D anaglyph website

I've created an anaglyph website using pure CSS. You can read my detailed tutorial on how to use text-shadow and rgba colours to create anaglyph text.

Screenshot of 3D anaglyph website.

3D Software

Make 3D logos

Use this free online tool to create 3D headlines for your website.

Sean's 3D Text Maker


Explore this simple 3DML World using the free Flatland Rover plug-in.

Screengrab of Sean's 3DML World

3D panorama

Learn how to make 3D panorama wraparound photos and embed them in a free Java applet

Screengrab of 3D panorama

VRML sitemap

This walkthrough VRML Sitemap was made using a freeware program called Citemap. You'll need a VRML plug-in.

Screengrab of the VRML sitemap


The 85K Miner3D plug-in enables you to create 3D sitemaps using XML. Here's an example Miner3D Sitemap I made.

Screengrab of Miner3D sitemap