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IE Colour scrollbar maker

As well as introducing favourites icons, Internet Explorer (IE) has introduced coloured scrollbars. This is a stylesheets feature that isn't supported by other browsers and is non-standards compliant. So by all means use it to customise the user experience for those using IE (probably most of your visitors), but make sure the site works fine without it.

This is a feature to be used with care - I've often visited sites with coloured scrollbars and found the usability is poor. Sometimes designers make it too hard to see the scrollbar against the track it slides in. Other times, the colours are too pale to be easily visible or the slider is hollow and so the only clue you have to its position is the thin line marking its edges. It's no accident that Microsoft has chosen highly contrasting and solid, fairly dark colours for its default scrollbars in Windows. If you're going to create coloured scrollbars, make sure they don't hurt your site's usability.

This free colour scrollbar generator (below), will provide the stylesheet code you need to add to your webpages. You can paste the code you're given between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags in your webpage. More advanced users will want to add the style definitions to a separate stylesheet.

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