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Drop down menu creator

Drop down menus (also known as pulldown menus) can be a space efficient way to organise links in a navigation bar. This drop down box, for example, contains six links:

To visit any of the pages, just highlight it in the pulldown and release and the browser will be redirected there.

There are four problems with drop down menus you need to be aware of:

  1. They won't work with browsers that don't support Javascript or for users that have Javascript disabled.
  2. They cause accessibility problems for those using assistive devices
  3. They hide the links from the viewer. Important links should be available at a glance without needing any click to find them first
  4. Search engines can't access them - so they can't index pages excluslvely linked to through a dropdown

My advice would be not to use drop down menus for your website's main navigation. But they can be a useful way to provide shortcuts through the site.

The tool below calls itself a sitemap generator, but which is really a drop down menu creator. It's the tool I used to make that example menu above. You can use it to create simple menus for your site. You'll be prompted to save the graphic files by right clicking on them and to copy and paste the copy that does the clever navigation stuff.

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