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Free Meta tag generator

Original script by Daniel Toljaga. This interface, bug fix and text by Sean McManus.

Meta tags enable you to provide information about your website to search engines and other software programs. The most useful is probably the Title tag. This appears at the top of your browser bar, and as the title of links in your favourites menu. It's also used in most search engines as the text of the link to your site.

You can also suggest keywords and descriptions for your webpage. I say 'suggest' because most search engines are wising up to the fact that webmasters often lie about their page content to try to boost their site's ranking. Today fewer and fewer search engines rely on keyword meta tags. It's still worth entering them but it's counterproductive including keywords that don't also appear in your page text.

The free meta tag creation tool on this page will provide the code you need to add the most often used meta tags to your webpage. Enter the information in the forms, click the button and copy and paste the code provided between your webpage's HEAD tags.

Advanced webmasters can also generate the more advanced optional meta tags.