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Maintenance tools for webmasters

Regular website maintenance is essential to keep your website credible. Use the tools on this page to give your site a tune-up

The Web Credibility Project discovered that site maintenance and good design are essential for a visitor's faith in a website's content, based on a survey of 1649 web users in the year 2002.

"If websites were cars, it would be the trusty Toyota and not the flashy Ferrari that would win the web credibility race," says BJ Fogg who runs the Persuasive Technology Lab of which the Web Credibility Project is a part. "Sites lose credibility when they are not updated, when links are broken, or when the site is down unexpectedly," he says. "Our study didn't ask why this is so, but it seems reasonable that having outdated content or broken links reflects a lack of expertise or concern by the website operator. This negative impression likely generalises to the entire site, including the credibility of the content."

The research might be dated now, but the premise is still true. Use the tools on this page to maintain your site.

All round checkers

Link checkers

Speed optimisation

Code validation

Cross-browser compatibility

Various other tools