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Small Business Websites That Work

Book cover: Small Business Websites That Work By Sean McManus
Published by Prentice Hall (Pearson)

About the author and publisher

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Biography from the book

Sean McManus is a consultant and journalist. He studied International Business at Aston University and has been building websites and consulting small businesses on their online strategy for three years.

Among other things, his articles have explored how to make websites useable by the blind, how perfumiers hope to send smells over the internet, and how to personalise your site with a cartoon avatar. His articles have appeared in magazines including Business 2.0, Internet Works, Internet Magazine, Personal Computer World, Customer Loyalty Today and Marketing Week.

About the publishers: Financial Times-Prentice Hall

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Why did I write this book?

Through my work consulting small businesses it soon became apparent that there was a knowledge gap between those buying websites and those supplying them.

Small business managers often couldn't evaluate designs because they didn't have enough experience online and couldn't tell whether the site was a success or not because they didn't know what it was supposed to do for their business. Companies would often complain that the time wasn't right for the internet or content themselves with measly visitor levels, when it was obvious their website wasn't effective.

Website designers were conditioned to prioritise beauty over function because that's what companies were buying. The designers didn't have the business background to guide small businesses in deciding what to put on their website and how to use it to grow the company.

'Small Business Websites That Work' teaches managers in small businesses and marketing managers in larger organisations what they need to know in order to commission a website that works for their business. It also shows web designers what's important to these companies, and so bridges the knowledge gap.

I hope that this book inspires managers to think more creatively about putting their business online and enables them to be more successful on the internet. I also hope that website designers will read it and use the advice to guide all their clients to greater success.

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