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Small Business Websites That Work

Book cover: Small Business Websites That Work By Sean McManus
Published by Prentice Hall (Pearson)

Endorsements of the book

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Media endorsements

"A comprehensive book packed with tried and tested web hints and tips that's a must have for any business - small or large - that needs to get on the Internet. If anyone ever asks me again 'how shall I get my business on the web?', I will point them straight at this book. It's essential reading."
Marcus Austin - Editor, Business 2.0 magazine

"Sean McManus is a talented technical author, with an aptitude for explaining sophisticated concepts in a down-to-earth, helpful manner that has made him a favourite with Internet Magazine's editors and readers alike. The broad scope of this volume, plus its practical outlook and friendly manner will make it a well-thumbed reference on any Web lover's bookshelf, while a constantly updated supplemental online resource will ensure Sean's advice stays fresher for longer."
Dave Wilby, Deputy Editor, Internet Magazine

"With so many impenetrable Internet business books around, it's always a pleasure to come across one that is refreshingly straight-forward, clearly written, generously illustrated and extremely comprehensive. Like its subject matter, this book works."
Robert Dwek, Editor, Marketing Week e-volve

"There are many books that cover much of the same ground as Sean McManus', yet this one stands out from others I've read because firstly it's by an English author - often a novelty in this field - but also because it is easy to read, well organised and practical."
- Freepint

"It covers, quite literally, everything you need to know about the internet prior to setting up your own site. The beauty of it is its readability. While the comprehensive contents pages will steer you to where you want to go, 'Making money through advertising and affiliate programmes' and 'Selling from your website' being two good examples, it's easy to find yourself reading beyond where you meant to stop."
- Business Finance, December 2001

"By steering clear of jargon, it is easily readable by those unused to the web terminology and should make it easier to decide what approach to take."
- Effective Consulting, January/February 2002

"...many small businesses are still hazy about the web and what makes a good website...this always leads to trouble...Sean McManus' book is a down-to-earth guide to the ins and outs of an effective small business website... If you have a client whose knowledge - or rather, lack of it - is causing problems, then consider buying this for them."
- Cre@te Online Magazine, March 2002

"If you are a business looking to expand by using the Internet but are unsure how to make your website a success, Small Business Websites that Work is certainly the book for you... Straightforward and practical, this book provides clear, insightful advice for anyone left confused or disillusioned by the hype that has surrounded the Internet in recent years... This is, in fact, far more than a book about simply getting online. It is also about the ongoing process of developing and marketing your website to drive visitors to it and tackles everything from how to sell products or offer great customer service online, to less obvious issues, such as how to keep your website ethical and legal."

"Flavoured with some useful case studies and chapter summaries, this book doesn't pull any punches... Sean McManus has chanelled his efforts into an information-rich text that clearly debunks the myths about what works on the internet."
- My Business magazine (Australia), September 2002

"This will make a good primer for anybody who wants to make a serious bid in the world of eCommerce within the limited budget of a small enterprise."
- Roy Johnson,, June 2003 - Click here for the full Mantex review

Small business consultants' endorsements

"WOW! Read this before your competitor does. A straight-forward, practical and fun guide to business websites."
Derek Williams - Creator of The WOW! Awards for outstanding customer service.

"I love this book! Sean's research is impeccable, his case studies are insightful and his easy-to-read writing style involves you and moves you along. This book blows away the myths. There is so much here that you'll need no other book to make the web truly work for you and your business."
Paul Dunn - Founding Chairman, Results Accountants' Systems (RAS)

Small businesses' endorsements

"Brilliant, non jargon business-focused beginners' guide that really gets behind the myths, with very clear advice and full of useful hints, tips and great examples.  Wish it had been available during our early web site development"
John Stevens - MD, People Process Specialists -

"Helps you avoid costly dead end streets with designers and consultants, and gets straight to the business of effective access to your product or service. Thank goodness for some down to earth advice from someone who knows what they're talking about. An entertaining book that works!"
Jacqui Saunders, at

"Brilliant, non jargon business-focused beginners' guide that really gets behind the myths, with very clear advice and full of useful hints, tips and great examples. Wish it had been available during our early web site development"
A reader, at