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How to make a Weemee in Friends Reunited

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For a detailed guide to using Friends Reunited, see my book Social Networking for the Older and Wiser. This article will show you how you can create a cartoon portrait of yourself for your profile.

Friends Reunited makes it easy to create a cartoon portrait of yourself, called a weemee. Although it's made by combining different standard face parts, the characters can be a great way to represent what you look like. You can accessorise too, to reflect your hobbies and interests.

To get started, go to your profile page, scroll down to the weemee box and click on the shadowy figure there. Unless you're already registered with weeworld (unlikely), you need to choose the option to create a weemee.

You'll then be guided through the basics of whether you are male or female, which of six skin tones you have, and which of three head shapes is the closest match. Finally, you can choose your eye colour. At any point, you can click the 'back' button on the left to go back a stage and change your mind about any of your options. Before you start dressing and accessorising your weemee, you'll be asked to confirm that you're happy with how it looks so far.

There are 103 different hair styles to choose from, so yours is bound to be there. To browse through them use the 'more' and 'back' links at the bottom of the hair style box to move through the pages. Click on a hair style to try it on your weemee, shown on the right. You can then pick a colour from the palette that opens underneath the hair style box. Once you're happy with your hair style, if you'd like to add facial hair, click on the 'facial hair' link in the box on the left. You can add all manner of beards, goatees and moustaches using a browser similar to the one that gave you that nifty hair style.

Screenshot of Weemee haircut options

The default expression is a friendly smile, but if you'd like to change your look to be more angelic or to put a party whistle in your mouth, click on the 'emotions' link on the left.

Unless you have a washboard stomach or want to emphasise a paunch, I suggest you skip the options for your belly.

To stop your weemee catching his or her death of cold, click on the blue 'wardrobe' button in the bottom-middle of the screen. Working your way from top to toe, you can use the links on the left to open the headgear, tops, bottoms, and shoes editor. When you click on an item of clothing, it will open a colour browser so you can choose what colour it is. For best results, pick something that complements your eye colour. Once you've dressed your weemee, you can add glasses by clicking on the 'eyewear' link on the left.

Screenshot of wardrobe options in Weemee creation

Once you've got a reasonable likeness, it's time to give your weemee some accessories that represent your interests. Click on the 'more stuff' button underneath the clothes browser and you'll find new options for food and drink, interests and accessories on the left. Use the food and drink options to give your weemee a hot cuppa, or a refreshing pint, or find your favourite foodstuff from the 38 options there. Express your hobbies by choosing one of the 110 items in the 'interests' section. The catalogue includes a guitar, various banners, a dog, a cat, a fishing rod, a ball, and a camera.

Screenshot of accessories in Weemee creation

When you've finished, click on the 'Save me now' button on the bottom right. You'll be asked whether you'd like to visit the official Weeworld website. Weeworld ( is a separate social networking site to Friends Reunited, and its target audience tends to be younger people. I recommend that you click on 'no'. You can then click the link at the top left, or use your navbar, to return to your profile and see your new weemee in place. If you don't have a profile photo, your weemee will appear in the top left of your profile too.


Note that you can only pick one option from each menu of options. It makes sense that you can only have one hair style at once, or wear one pair of glasses at a time, but it also applies to the other sections. You'll have to choose between having a pet dragon or having a baseball glove, and you can't have both a lollipop and a muffin. That would be greedy, anyway.

If you want to remove an item without replacing it with something else, find it in the menu and click on it again.

Try it

You don't have to get this right first time. You can go and change any of your previous selections, by using the blue buttons underneath the clothes/accessories browser to pick a section (features, wardrobe or more stuff), and the links on the left to choose which features you'd like to change. Feel free to play with it to see how close you can get to a weemee that reflects your image.

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