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Social Networking videos

Book cover: Social networking for the older and wiserBy Sean McManus

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Learn the basics of social networking

On this page, you can find a series of short videos about social networking, based on a talk I gave for the U3A to promote my book Social Networking for the Older and Wiser. The book covers social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Friends Reunited, Saga Zone, Eons, Meetup and Ning in depth. It also has a directory of other social networking websites.

The talks focused on the basics of social networking, answering beginners' questions such as:

How to view the videos

You will need to have the Flash player installed to watch these videos. For help downloading or enabling Flash, see my tutorial.

You pick a video from underneath the main player window. Note that there are five videos available, and that you click the arrow in the bottom right to get to the last one.

The videos are only a few minutes long.

Watch the social networking videos

Download the Social Networking Cheat Sheet

You can download my free social networking cheatsheet, which I created to hand out at this talk. It includes the top tips and links mentioned in the presentation. You need the free Adobe Reader program on your computer to open this file, but most computers have it installed already.

Picture of the cheat sheet


Many thanks to the team at the book's publishers John Wiley, who did a fantastic job of organising this event and creating the videos.

About my book Social Networking for the Older and Wiser

There's much more information about social networking in my book Social Networking for the Older and Wiser. Visit the homepage for Social Networking for the Older and Wiser for all bonus content, the table of contents and free chapters. For the latest news, join the Facebook fan page.