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About promoting your music

I've received quite a few emails from struggling artists who have visited my webpages about promoting music on the internet or who have seen that I'm a music journalist and are looking for help. This page is for them.

How I can't help

I don't currently write for any music magazines, so I'm not able to help you get media coverage for your music.

How I can help you promote your music

I'm happy to exchange links with independent artists. You can have your band linked on my music links page, alongside The Beatles, The Cure, Prince and more. Please see my linking procedure. Use the linking code provided and send me your details, including a seven word description of your band/music. At the time of writing (October 2005), I've only had to refuse to link to bands because they haven't linked to me.

Getting into my radio player

Please do not send me MP3s. I won't even download an email that comes with such a bulky attachment.

If you want me to consider your music, please send me a link to an MP3 file on your server. Please tell me why you think I'll like it - there are plenty of clues to what I like to listen to on this site. The radio player is deliberately selective - I reserve the right not to use your music just because 'it's not my kind of thing'.

If I do include your music, I will link the radio player directly to an MP3 on your server.

I will prioritise requests from bands that have already linked to my resources for promoting music online.

Thanks for your interest - click here and scroll to email me.