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Music websites and free MP3 downloads

Here's a selection of sites where you can find legal free MP3s and free music downloads, as well as some places where you can buy digital music.

University of Death: A hilarious satire of the music industry

Book cover: University of Death

My novel 'University of Death' satirises the music industry and predicts its potential meltdown. The book is named after the band at the centre of the action and takes a slice through the music industry: from the boardroom to the stage; from the studio to the record fair. It explores how fans relate to their favourite bands, how businesses use technology to manipulate consumers, and what would happen if the music industry disappeared overnight.

Although the novel includes fictionalised cameos from some well-known pop stars, the story focuses on those who are at the bottom of the industry and trying to claw their way up.

Some of my favourite musicmakers (official sites)

Independent musicians

Any descriptions come from the bands themselves...

Resources for music fans and musicians