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Top DS Games

The DS is the first games machine I've owned since 1984, so I'm a 'casual gamer' as the Nintendo marketing speak goes.

Here are my top games for the machine, in reverse order.

10. Tetris

Nice implementation of the classic game.

9. Phoenix Wright

Point and click adventure game, with you playing the part of a rookie lawyer. The script is funny and at times moving. Having to go through dialogue sequences using trial and error can be tiring, but the script rewards perseverence.

8. Big Brain Academy

Graduated to this after Brain Training, although I haven't quite got into it yet. More abstract and diverse puzzles than Brain Training, but the instructions can be frustratingly unclear.

7. Brain Training

Still trying to hone my brain age, although I don't work out as much as I should. Speed maths and other simple puzzles, with you trying to beat your personal best. Includes 100 suduko puzzles.

6. 42 Classic games

Nice compendium, of mostly card games but with bowling, darts and dominoes too. Always something new to find there, and wi-fi enabled so you can play against others online.

5. Elite Beat Agents

Silly but entertaining dance game. Tap the stylus in time with the beat to get maximum points. Cool cartoon storyboards and a great soundtrack of rock and pop hits.

4. Electroplankton

Not so much a game, as a toy. You direct fish-like creatures around the screen and they make different sounds as they travel. A soothing way to make ambient music. But who owns the copyright on the tunes created? The manual's strangely silent on that.

3. Zoo Keeper

I played this until I saw it in my dreams. Simple puzzle game, where you swap adjacent animals in a grid to try to get three in a row. The open ended games can get boring but the six minute mode is exciting. Cheap now, too.

2. Pokemon Pinball

This a GBA game. Nice pinball simulator with great physics and two different bonus levels built in for variety. The pokemon collection is nicely implemented and you can save game to pick it up again later.

1. Animal Crossing

This simple life sim where you make friends with the animals in your village is my favourite game for a long time. Plenty of 'a-ha!' moments, and simple 'collecting things' gameplay makes it a joy to dip into. | Top | Main site