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Photo of the Back to the Future De Lorean

Photo of the Back to the Future De Lorean in Los Angeles, USA

Great Scott! It's Doc Brown's time machine! This De Lorean car with a Mr Fusion energy reactor was parked outside the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios. The ride was a motion movie experience, where you sit in a De Lorean and it bobs and weaves in time with the film that fills your field of vision. I remember getting into the car and looking over my shoulder and feeling disappointed there was no flux capacitor, but then seeing it had been moved to the dashboard. The ride was cleverly designed: while you're in it, you're not aware that there are several other De Loreans watching the film at the same time as you. From what I can remember of the adventure, it involved a trip to Hill Valley in the future and a trip through prehistory too, with dinosaurs snapping at you. While you queued, you could see replica props from the film, such as the letter that Marty wrote Doc in 1955. I don't think the ride is operating any more, but the films from the ride have been released on the movie's Blu-Ray disc.

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the Back to the Future De Lorean
Location:Los Angeles, USA
Camera:pocket camera and Nikon Coolscan negative scanner
Date (GMT):
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