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Travel Photography interactive map

Explore my travel photographs from all over the world using this Google Map
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Explore my travel photographs with this interactive map. Here's how:

Photos have been optimised for speedy download.

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Getting started with Google Maps

This interactive map was created using the Google Maps API. This enables you to embed a map in your webpage and use Javascript to place pins on it and control what happens when they are clicked.

I've made the coordinates as accurate as possible - in many cases, they are accurate to the building. Some are only accurate to the city, though. To find the coordinates, I found this world city geocoder and this coordinate geocoder helpful. I also used an atlas that indexed cities by longitude and latitude to point me in the right direction initially, although it had a massive margin of error when I zoomed in.

If you want to get started with Google Maps, the official documentation is good, but I found this tutorial with code examples most useful [link no longer available].

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