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Sean's Javascript, Scratch and Flash games

Here's a selection of games I've written which you can play in your browser.

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Please note that these games are not available for free use on other websites. If you'd like to talk about licensing a game or a custom version of a game for your website, please email me. If you're looking for scripts you can use on your site, please visit my webdesign section.

Sean's Scratch Arcade

Screenshot of Space SwarmVisit my Scratch 2.0 and Scratch 1.4 Examples Arcade to play selected games from my book Scratch Programming in Easy Steps.

Scratch is a simple programming language that enables you to create games you can play in your browser using Flash. My examples include games of skill, word games and shoot-em-ups. If you want to get started with programming and games design for the first time, take a look at the book!

Random joke machine

Clown cartoon I say, I say, I say...


Hangman screenshotPlay the classic word game Hangman on screen now. You have to guess a word a letter at a time. For each wrong guess, your handsome stickman takes one step nearer death on the gallows. If you've got a favourite word that always stumps players, why not email your word suggestions?

If you have the Nintendo DS Browser, you can play Hangman customised for the Nintendo DS.

There's a Christmas version of the game called Snowman too.


Screnshot of PairsHow good is your memory? This game will put it to the test with a 36 card game of Pairs. When you flip over two cards with the same design, they disappear. If they're not the same, you'll have to just remember where they are for when you see their partners elsewhere on the table. The aim is to get rid of all the cards by pairing them up. Play Pairs now

There's also a version called Christmas Pairs using Christmas graphics, which is a bit more difficult.


Chatback screengrab detailChatback lets you have a conversation with an on-screen character, who responds to keywords in what you say and learns what you type in. You can optionally download a free speech plug-in so he'll talk aloud to you. You'll still need to type your replies into the box though!


Screenshot of WallbusterWallbuster is a version of the classic bat and ball game, where you have to move the bat to keep the ball in play and demolish the wall. To control the bat, place the mouse on top of it and slide it left and right. This game has five different levels and variable speed controls. This game opens in a new window.


Screenshot of MisfitLike puzzles? Try Misfit. An image is split into nine slices which slide around a frame. Your challenge is to unscramble the image by moving the tiles around. You can use the click on pieces to move them or use the number keypad (IE only). There are two puzzles - a photo of a mask in Singapore and a photo of a jumble of action men.

If you have the Nintendo DS Browser, you can play Misfit customised for the Nintendo DS.

Wild Mood Swings

Wild Mood Swings logoHow do you want to feel today? Pick a mood at Wild Mood Swings and it will take you to an appropriate website in another window. Try mood surfing today. The game has been Site of the Day in the Daily Mirror newspaper and had a write-up in Web User magazine.


Fingerpaint screenshotUse the mouse to dip your pointer in the different coloured inks and smear them across the virtual canvas. Fingerpaint offers all the joy of childhood painting, with none of the mess. If you create something you like, why not take a screengrab (tap the print screen key on a PC), paste it into a Paint file and email me your artworks together with your name for possible inclusion in the Gallery.


Top SecretWant to send emails over the web without worrying about who might intercept them? Scrambler will encrypt your message using your password. Your contact just needs to enter the same password in scramble and paste the encrypted message exactly to break the code.

Game of life

Screenshot of lifeConway's game of Life is a simulated ecosystem. You can assign cells to a grid and watch as they evolve. If they're too crowded, they'll die. If they're lonely, they'll die too. Only the fittest and most comfortable survive. It's possible to make communities that move across the screen as well as a range of blossoming patterns.

Sean's virtual webcam

Screenshot of virtual webcamFeeling nosy? This virtual webcam will give you a peek inside my office, updated every 60 seconds. Watch as I write, take calls and have a cup of tea - typical activities in the life of a journalist. Take bets with your friends on what I'll do next. And wonder with me if I ever sleep.

Sean's Amstrad CPC games

Screengrab of GribbetI wrote games for the Amstrad CPC computer which were published in Amstrad Computer User and Amstrad Action. You can now download my disc of games, and find out how to use it in a PC emulator. The titles include the original version of Wallbuster, Gribbet!, The Further Adventures of Fred and Alien Intervention. There are also utilties to help with writing your own games on the disc.

Guest Flash Games

Lily Allen thumbnailMy article about how major acts are igniting word of mouth online includes a playable Lily Allen Flash Game, inspired by the Mario Bros platform games. You can also play Space Invaders in a tribute to the genre-defining shoot-em-up and an official clone of 'Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney', a new game for the Nintendo DS.