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Download my Amstrad CPC 464 and 6128 games and utilities

I was a fairly regular contributor to the Type-ins section of Amstrad Action magazine and the listings pages of Amstrad Computer User. In 1993 I wrote a book, The Basic Idea, which you can now read on this site. My free Amstrad disc includes most of the software and games I wrote for those magazines and the book, plus some software that is otherwise unreleased. Many of the programs have been updated for this site release, with enhanced presentation, gameplay and sound.

Preview the software

Screenshot from Sean's Amstrad disc

Disc contents

Games and toys

  • The Further Adventures of Fred - AA said: "It has naked gameplay. A game for nostalgia freaks everywhere. 75%"
  • Alien Intervention - AA said: "It moves at a surprisingly rapid rate...As smooth as it is colourful. 78%"
  • Wallbuster - ACU said: "It's guaranteed to hook you from the first bounce"
  • Gribbet! - AA said: "Dead silly this one, but good fun all the same"
  • Fishtank Simulator - ACU said: "Boy are you going to love it...Totally brilliant."
  • Paclone - ACU said: "A real treat for the ears and eyes."
  • PixelMaze - previously unreleased maze game
  • Misfit + Designer - Sliding puzzle game from The Basic Idea
  • Piano Chords tutor - 10-liner from ACU that shows you random piano chords
  • 3D Mapper - graphical 10-liner from ACU

Utilities and programming demonstrations

  • Sprite Definer - tool used for creating the sprites in those games, as seen on an AA covertape
  • Easi-Sprite Driver - toolkit for using sprites in your own programs, as seen in AA
  • Easi-Sprite Driver 2 - more sophisticated sprite tools for advanced programmers from The Basic Idea
  • Pausekey - enables you to pause the machine when gameplaying or programming
  • Tort - ACU 10-liner that enables you to slow the machine down for easier debugging
  • UDG definer and demos - software for creating user defined characters and demonstrations of how they can be used
  • Colour swapping demos - showing how you can manipulate the inks to create animations
  • Protection demos - simple demonstrations of program protection
  • Sound envelope definer and lister - for programming sound effects and music
  • Code relocator - to intelligently move machine code programs in memory
  • Data maker- to turn machine code into data statements
  • 464 Fill routine - to emulate the 6128's FILL command
  • REM stripper - deletes the REM statements from your BASIC listings

Programs have been edited to fit on the disc, with several demonstrations being compiled into a single program. This means that references in the tutorial to line numbers may not be correct. Contact me if you're struggling with this and would like a copy of the original Basic Idea disc.

Download the Amstrad emulator disc image

zip icon

Sean's CPC Collection 2005
(zipped, 72K)

Read my Amstrad emulator guide for tips on getting this working on your PC.

To load the menu, use RUN"disc" or RUN"0"


© Sean McManus. All rights reserved.

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