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3D Mapper was a type-in listing I wrote that was published in Amstrad Computer User (ACU) April 1992. Try the program in the built-in emulator below, and scroll down for the original listing. Click on the emulator to activate your computer keyboard with it.

About the 3D Mapper type-in from ACU

Screenshot of 3D Mapper showing an isometric smiley face

3D Mapper gives you a grid on which you can plot a shape, and then draws it in an isometric 3D style, as shown on the right. Click the emulator above to begin.

3D Mapper is a simple listing, and I've enhanced the version now online with instructions, improved presentation, and more intuitive key combinations. One improvement would be to add multiple colour schemes, but it's easy enough for users to change the inks themselves.

You can download this program along with my other games and utilities on my Amstrad CPC Software Collection. Use it with your favourite emulator!

Like Piano Chords Tutor, this is another program that appeared in the 10-Liners section of Amstrad Computer User. The 10-Liners concept inspired my 10-block Scratch demos more recently.

The 3D Mapper listing from ACU

Scan of a magazine page showing the code listing for this program

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Amstrad disc You can download my Amstrad CPC games and utilities disc to use these programs in your favourite emulator.

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