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Web Design in Easy Steps

Book cover: Web Design in Easy StepsBy Sean McManus

The book Web Design in Easy Steps teaches readers what they need to know about creating websites that are both effective and easy to use. It takes readers through the whole process of building a website, starting with planning the site and its goals, through sourcing appropriate content, designing the layout and look and feel, promoting the site, and ultimately measuring its success.

Along the way, the book introduces practical tips and tools that can be used, so that readers can quickly learn the easiest way to add a video to their site, to add a game or integrate with Facebook (among other things).

The book introduces the core technologies of the internet, HTML, CSS and Javascript, with practical examples. The more ambitious reader can use this as a starting point for their own experimentation with coding websites. Other readers will find the information on technologies is valuable background information for understanding how the design principles are put into practice.

Whether you intend to build your site yourself or commission a freelance web designer, Web Design in Easy Steps gives you the knowledge you need to make sure your site is effective and easy to use.

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Software Latest: 4.5 out of 5 stars "Sean has a nice way of teaching... He is neither overly complex in his wording, nor condescendingly simplistic... This book covers a lot of material. For a 240 page book to be covering 15 chapters in such areas as Shopping Carts and Content Management Systems as well as promoting your website really blew me away... As such, this book does more than simply starting you off with a basic website... The book teaches foundation skills very well, but also dangles a few carrots for the user to research further. That, to me, is a fine way to tempt the reader's taste buds and encourage their future development. Illustrations are clear and in full colour, helping to drive home many of the points made in the book... If I had been given this book when I started out, then I'd have been designing and developing better sites in a much shorter period of time."

- Ben Avery, Software Latest

What's in the book?

The book's chapters are:

  1. The web design challenge
  2. Planning your website
  3. Creating effective website content
  4. Layout and design
  5. Designing effective navigation
  6. HTML: The language of the web
  7. CSS: Giving your pages some style
  8. Javascript for interactive pages
  9. Audio, Video and Flash
  10. Tools for website design
  11. Adding a shopping cart
  12. Adding a social dimension
  13. Content management systems
  14. Testing and launching
  15. Promoting your website
  16. Measuring Success

Supporting resources

You can view the examples used in screenshots and find the tools and other links here. I've also included some links to extra resources not explicitly mentioned in the book which I think you'll find helpful.

View and download the example HTML, CSS and Javascript files from the book here. You can use these to avoid any typing errors, and to provide snippets of HTML CSS and Javascript code which you can incorporate into your website.

About the author

Sean McManus has been writing about business and technology for over ten years. He has written for magazines including Internet Magazine, Personal Computer World, Internet Works, Marketing Week, Start & Run Your Business, and Business 2.0. His websites have been featured editorially by The Times, The Daily Mirror, BBC Click and BBC Radio 2.