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Castle Fictoria: Web design exercise

Keen to learn website design, but struggling to think of what to put in your first website? Here's the solution.

I've created a brochure for a fictional hotel called Castle Fictoria. It provides plenty of material (including pictures) for a website of about five pages. You're welcome to use the materials here to experiment with website design or to kick-start your design portfolio.

Photo of Castle Fictoria

Photo of "Castle Fictoria" by Anthony McCune

The manager of Castle Fictoria says...


Thank you for taking on the design of our website. I thought I'd take this opportunity to fill you in on how we see things working.

The website is being built to attract new customers to the Castle Fictoria Hotel.

The company isn't interested in online bookings at this stage: we just want to see how much response we get by phone and fax so we need to have the contact numbers displayed prominently on each page.

The website:

  • Must download as quickly as possible
  • Be easy to read
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Look clear and attractive
  • Work on the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers

We look forward to working with you!

signature: Sean

Sean McManus, manager Castle Fictoria

Some hints and tips

The rules

All this material is protected by copyright, but you're allowed to use it in building a website provided that:

Educational use

I'm happy for this content to be used in schools, colleges and training courses, provided that:

Please contact me if you'd like to use this project for a group you're working with and it falls outside these guidelines.

Download the brochure and pictures

Show me your work!

Contact me if you put your site on the web and perhaps I can link to it from here.

This project was Internet Magazine's Site of the Week on launch.