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Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps

Book cover: Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps If you're looking for some fun projects to build in Scratch, this is the book for you! Using step-by-step instructions, in a similar style to the bestselling Scratch Programming in Easy Steps, this book shows you how to build games and other projects that you can easily customise with your own ideas. Each chapter concludes with suggestions for how you can really make the project your own.

The book is out now, and the print edition comes with a free pair of 3D glasses, used to create a real sense of depth in the projects 12 Angry Aliens, 3D Artist and Spacemine 3D. Other projects in the book include Drum Machine; a random Maze Maker and 3D Maze Explorer; a stop motion studio for the Raspberry Pi, and a cartoon memory game.

The book covers Scratch 2.0 (the latest version), Scratch 1.4 (as used on the Raspberry Pi) and also includes two projects for ScratchJr, for coding on an iPad or Android tablet.

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The book in brief

Book Title Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps
Book Author Sean McManus
Publisher In Easy Steps
ISBN 978-1840787146
Pages 180

Try Magic Mirror!

Discover the In Easy Steps format and try the first project for free with the PDF sampler of Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps. The PDF also includes the table of contents, to give you a flavour of what else is in the book.

Free PDF Sampler

Read the reviews

The MagPi, official magazine of the Raspberry Pi, reviewed the book in issue 66 and said: "Here's a book that lives up to its title -- these are some cool scratch projects... If you got a Pi and a book for Christmas, this will make a great follow-on. Recommended."

MagPi review of the book

Teach Primary reviewed Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps and said: "As the title suggests, the focus here is on projects with real 'peer group' appeal for young minds, from building a drum machine to producing fun, stop motion animations. As before [with Scratch Programming in Easy Steps], the explanatory language is beautifully clear, with jargon kept for when it's absolutely necessary; youngsters of most abilities should be able to follow the instructions with minimal supervision - and the most capable will soon be taking what they've learnt to even more exciting places."

Teach Primary review - see text excerpt above

Explore the Scratch projects

Follow the links below to download images and bonus resources, and learn more about the projects in this book. You can also try the projects from the book in its studio on the Scratch website.

Bonus Scratch tips and tutorials

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