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Super Wheelie for ScratchJr

Make an action game with two levels using ScratchJr, a project from Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps by Sean McManus

About this project

Can you jump all the mushrooms on your way home without crashing into the sea?

Super Wheelie is a game for ScratchJr, showing how the simplified version of Scratch for younger children can be used to make a simple game with two levels, a completion sequence and a game over sequence.

You can find links to download ScratchJr for free here.

Download the game

If you have ScratchJr on your iPad or Android tablet, you can download Super Wheelie here.

Bonus game and more information

Find out more about ScratchJr, including a bonus Alien Shooter game for you to build. If you're an adult and you're not experienced with the iPad, you might find it useful to consult my book iPad for the Older and Wiser.

Find out more about the book

Visit the homepage for Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps to find out more about the book, find bonus materials, and discover the other projects in it.