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Space Mine 3D - Scratch game

Discover the 3D game from Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps that uses special glasses to create a real sense of depth, with a tunnel that sinks into the screen

About this project

Catch the energy balls as they come hurtling out of the tunnel towards you in this frantic game, designed for 3D anaglyph glasses. There's a pair of the glasses included with the book, and you can get additional pairs or replacements cheaply online.

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Download the graphics

The book Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps shows you how to make all the images you need for this project. The best way to make the game is to make your own graphics. If you find it too difficult, you can download my graphics below.

To download an image, right-click it to open the image and then save it to your computer. To add a saved image to a Scratch project, click the folder icon above the Sprite List.

If you share any projects using these images or other book content, please give credit to Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps. Thank you.

Tunnel images

Cyan tunnel red tunnel

Blob images

Cyan blob red blob

Countdown template image

Digital 8

Background and space ship for Raspberry Pi

background image

space ship

Find out more about the book

Visit the homepage for Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps to find out more about the book, find bonus materials, and discover the other projects in it.