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Sprites, Cameras, Action! - Make stop motion films on Raspberry Pi

This project for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module enables you to make stop motion films in Scratch. This is from Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps by Sean McManus

About this project

Photo of my camera module on a Lego mountSprites, Cameras, Action! enables you to create a stop motion studio on the Raspberry Pi with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. The project enables you to shoot and edit your films, including adding speech bubbles, and inserting and deleting frames.

Using simple household props or toys, you can create fun mini movies.

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is an official product of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is available separately from a wide range of vendors, including Amazon.

Download the graphics

The book Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps shows you how to make all the images you need for this project. The best way to make the game is to make your own graphics. If you find it too difficult, you can download my graphics below.

To download an image, right-click it to open the image and then save it to your computer. To add a saved image to a Scratch project, click the folder icon above the Sprite List.

If you share any projects using these images or other book content, please give credit to Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps. Thank you.

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