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Scratch Cat Maestro

Compose random music in Scratch using this project from Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps by Sean McManus

About this project

This short project composes random tunes for you using a few simple music rules. You can replay the tunes using the scripts provided, and save the tunes by saving the project with all your list data in it. More experienced Scratchers can use this project to generate music that they include in their own games.

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See the notes used in Scratch

If you want to expand on this project, see the chart below for details of the note numbers used in Scratch. You can click the image to open it in its own window, which makes it easier to print if you want to stick it on the wall or in your notebook.

Scratch notes chart

Find out more about the book

Visit the homepage for Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps to find out more about the book, find bonus materials, and discover the other projects in it.