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Baby, I'm a Starfish for ScratchJr

Finish the book with a quick dodge-'em game for ScratchJr. This is a project from Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps by Sean McManus

About this project

The book concludes with five short projects, and this one-pager shows you how to make a game called "Baby, I'm a Starfish!" in ScratchJr. In the game, you help a starfish swim through the school of fish. This game builds on the skills you learned building the other ScratchJr project Super Wheelie, which has a chapter dedicated to it.

This project is for ScratchJr, which runs on iPads and Android tablets. You can find links to download ScratchJr for free here.

Download the game

If you have ScratchJr on your iPad or Android tablet, you can download Baby, I'm a Starfish here.

Bonus game and more information

Find out more about ScratchJr, including a bonus Alien Shooter game for you to build. If you're an adult and you're not experienced with the iPad, you might find it useful to consult my book iPad for the Older and Wiser.

Find out more about the book

Visit the homepage for Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps to find out more about the book, find bonus materials, and discover the other projects in it.