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Snowman - a Christmas version of Hangman

A fun and free Christmas word game to play online in your browser

Pick a letter:

Previous guesses:
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Can you guess the word? Click the 'new game' button to start and then choose a letter at a time - either by clicking on it above, or by pressing its letter on the keyboard (IE only).

For each wrong guess, another layer of the snowman is built. It's game over if the snowman's finished before you've worked out the word.

Do you have a favourite hard-to-guess word I should include in this game? Email me your word suggestions.

License Hangman for your website

Games are a popular way to make your site more 'sticky' so that visitors stay longer and have a memorable experience they will return to repeat. This implementation of this game has been named in London's Metro daily newspaper as being among their picks of top word games.

You can license a customised version of Hangman for your own site, including:

To discuss details and pricing, please contact me, telling me your website address. Please note that unauthorised reproduction of this game and my other games is prohibited.