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About my Javascript Hangman game

I remember playing the word game Hangman when I was a child, as a great way to learn new words and while away long car journeys. Later on, we played Hangman at school to help us to learn foreign languages. For my version of the popular word game, I've tried to think up some tricky words to guess, so it should present a bit of a challenge to adults who want to enjoy a puzzle in their tea break, as well as younger people who just like to play word games. The words aren't obscure (I haven't dug into weird science terms or anything like that), but some of them might be hard to guess. I've included a link to a dictionary so you can look up the definition of any words.

How to play Hangman

Can you guess the word? Click the 'new game' button to start and then choose a letter at a time - either by clicking on it above, or by pressing its letter on the keyboard (IE only).

For each wrong guess, another line is drawn on the hangman illustration. You're dead if the drawing's finished before you've worked out the word.

Once you've started guessing, you can look up the answer in the dictionary by clicking on the button. You can use this to find the definitions for any words you don't know. It will also reveal the answer, though, so don't click it until you're ready to give up!

Other versions of Hangman

I have made a Christmas themed version of Hangman.

If you have the Nintendo DS Browser, you can play Hangman customised for the Nintendo DS.

License Hangman for your website

Games are a popular way to make your site more 'sticky' so that visitors stay longer and have a memorable experience they will return to repeat. This implementation of this game has been named in London's Metro daily newspaper as being among their picks of top word games.

You can license a customised version of Hangman for your own site, including:

To discuss details and pricing, please contact me, telling me your website address. Please note that unauthorised reproduction of this game and my other games is prohibited.

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