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Scrambler: Create codes for secret messages

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Want to send secret messages to your friends? This simple encryption program will enable you to do just that! You agree a password and then you and your friend can use this web page to scramble your messages and unscramble them too. You can send your messages via email or any other messaging format. Your message to be encrypted may contain letters, numbers and full stops but other characters are stripped out from the message.

The same password will encrypt or decrypt your message, so to crack the code you simply put the coded text into the scramble/unscramble box and then click the button. You can unscramble your own message to test it works. It's important you don't enter any extra characters in the box when unscrambling. Your password should only contain letters, numbers and full stops. If other characters are used in the password, the message may be corrupted.

This Scramble program is provided for fun. Although it's more complex than a simple alphabet cipher, and the same letter in the plain text will often give different output in the code, it's not impossible to break. The code is particularly vulnerable to a frequency crack if the message is long and the length of the password is known. But it's a relatively simple way to create coded messages that will bypass prying eyes.

By using this page to encrypt and decrypt messages, you acknowledge that I have no control over the content or origin of those messages.

Always stay safe online. If you are a child or young adult, only exchange messages with people you know. Don't use a password here that you use elsewhere, because you'll need to share it with your friend so they can read your message. Childline provides more advice on online safety.

Enter password:
Re-Enter password:
Enter text to scramble or unscramble:
Press to code or decode:
Scrambled output:
Press to reset:

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