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Fingerpaint gallery

Fingerpaint offers all the joy of childhood painting, with none of the mess. Artists use the mouse to dip the pointer in the different coloured inks and smear them across the virtual canvas. Here's the gallery of submitted artworks. If you feel inspired, why not have a go yourself, take a screengrab (tap the print screen key on a PC), paste it into a Paint file and email me your artworks.

Superman logo

Above: Island by Dean Hiler

Superman logo

Above: Superman by Neil Hobbs

Fingerpaint Wine drinking picture

Above: Drinking wine by Kim Gilmour

Fingerpaint Girl picture

Above: Girl by Mikael Bergkvist

Fingerpaint Flowers picture

Above: Flowers by Karen Holland


Above: Homer Simpson by Neil Hobbs

Football pitch

Above: Sports pitch by Suresh Bhattarai

Fingerpaint Boat picture

Above: Boat by Sean McManus