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Mission Python: Download a map of the space station

My book Mission Python shows you how to build a space adventure game. You can play the game first and then read the book to see how it works, or build the game and then play it as your reward.

If you need a helping hand, or want additional guidance on the space station layout to help with your customisations, I've produced a ready-made PDF map for you. By zooming in, you can clearly see every room. Be aware that there may be spoilers in there - I haven't previously published some of these room designs (including in the book) to make sure you could experience the rooms for the first time in the game.

Mission Python - map of the space station

The mini maps on the right highlight the rooms that have moving hazards in (shown in yellow at the top) and props to interact with (shown in yellow on the bottom map).

if you prefer, you can use my map template to make your own map, and make notes as you play or customise the game.

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