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How to make a sprite explode using graphic effects in Scratch

Sean McManus, author of Scratch Programming in Easy Steps and Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps, shows you how to make a sprite explode in Scratch

The graphic effects in Scratch can be used to distort the colour and shape of your sprites, as this picture shows:

An illustration of 8 graphic effects in Scratch

Graphic effects in Scratch, applied to a butterfly sprite to varying degrees.

In that example above, the brightness effect is using a negative number to darken the sprite to a shadow here.

To find the graphic effects, click the Looks button above the Blocks Palette. These are the blocks you use:

change color effect by 25 / set color effect to 0 / clear graphic effects

By default, the color effect is in the blocks, but you can choose the other effects using the menu in the block.

How to explode a sprite

If you use a loop together with a graphic effect to gradually apply it, you can make the sprite appear to transform. Here's an effect that uses the mosaic effect to make a sprite explode into smithereens.

when green flag clicked / show / clear graphic effects / wait 1 secs / repeat 10 / change mosaic effect by 10 / repeat ends / hide

You can make other great transitions and colour effects by changing the effect type from mosaic to one of the others.

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Try the program

In this example, I've added a sound effect. Click the green flag to explode the spaceship after a 1 second delay.

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