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Ticklish dragon: How to use a webcam in Scratch

Sean McManus, author of Scratch Programming in Easy Steps and Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps, shows you how to use a webcam to interact with a sprite in the Scratch programming language

when green flag clicks / turn video on / set video transparency to 50% / forever / wait until video motion on this sprite > 15 / switch costume to dragon1- b / play sound laugh-male1 until done / switch costume to dragon 1-a / forever ends

How to use this Scratch webcam example

  1. This simple demonstration only works in Scratch 2.0, so go to
  2. Connect the webcam before you go into Scratch.
  3. Add the sprite Dragon. It's in the Fantasy section of the sprite library.
  4. Add the sound laugh-male1. It's in the Human section of the sounds library.
  5. Add the blocks as shown above.
  6. When you click the green flag, you'll see the sprite, with yourself in the background, thanks to the webcam. When you touch the dragon, it changes to its fire breathing costume and laughs.

Feel free to share that image on your social networks, or to use it with your students or Code Club members!

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