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Three Points West: Free book of short stories and poetry

Book cover: Three Points WestFor Hillingdon Arts Week in 2012, I produced an anthology of local writers, showcasing the best work from writing groups based in Ruislip, Uxbridge and Yeading. The book was printed using Lulu and sold in libraries and the local Waterstones. It is available for free download now as a PDF file, so you can read it on your computer or iPad, or print it out.

It's an inspiring and diverse collection of short stories and poems, all of which appear for the first time in this book. From family drama to fantasy, and from horror to comedy, there's something for everyone inside.

Read and download this free short stories and poetry ebook

Three Points West is available for free reading and download as a PDF you can read on your phone, tablet or PC. You can also print it out if you want to read it on paper.

Download the PDF


Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and talent to this project. In addition to the many writers (listed below), Charlotte Baldwin led the project and worked with Darren Deeks to drum up the contributions; Alison Beer read all the submitted entries and selected those that would appear in the book; and photography studio Art by LAW created a great photograph of Charlotte's vintage typewriter for the cover.

  • Project coordinators: Charlotte Baldwin and Darren Deeks
  • Editor: Alison Beer
  • Book design and layout: Sean McManus
  • Cover photograph: Art By LAW

Table of contents

  • Foreword
    By the Mayor of Hillingdon
  • By and By
    By Kristen Platt
  • As Time Goes By
    By Angela Narayn
  • Chess - The Great Pretender
    By Leo McHugh
  • Penance
    By Fran Tracey
  • Easter Sunday
    By Priyali Ghosh
  • Rush of Air
    By Caroline Russell
  • Giant Yellowwood Tree
    By Michael Swinton
  • Dolphins
    By Michael Swinton
  • Teary Smile
    By Yasmin Selena Butt
  • Love and War (May 19 2011)
    By Priyali Ghosh
  • Poem for Raminder (air stewardess)
    By Simon Harrison
  • If I should write...
    By Simon Harrison
  • Siesta
    By Simon Harrison
  • The Haven
    By Julia Underwood
  • Haiku - A Collection for the Modern Woman (Part 1)
    By Kristen Platt
  • Spells
    By Ron Balsdon
  • Pink Milk
    By Fran Tracey
  • What would I desire?
    By Leo McHugh
  • The Passing of Gaegue
    By Angela Narayn
  • Survivors' Feast Songs
    By Priyali Ghosh
  • The New Girl
    By Caroline Russell
  • The Treasure
    By Julia Underwood
  • Heart of the Wolf
    By Lorna Read
  • Haiku - A Collection for the Modern Woman (Part 2)
    By Kristen Platt
  • The Bridge at Mostar
    By Keir Thorpe
  • Winter Sunset
    By Margaret Hibbert
  • The Shop of Lost Souls
    By Sue Coldwell
  • How Time and Circumstances Change One
    By Iris Perry


© Sean McManus. All rights reserved.

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