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Explore my world travel photography Google Map

Use this world map to explore my travel photography. Zoom in to separate the pins, tap or click a pin, and click the thumbnail to see the full photo and description. You can then browse related photos from the same town, city or country. More instructions below.

If you're using a touch device (such as an iPhone or iPad), use two fingers to move the map around and use the pinch gesture to zoom. On devices with a small screen, you might find it easier to use your device in landscape orientation (turn it sideways).

How to use this travel photo map

Zoom in to separate pins that are close together.

Tap or click a pin to see its photo, and then tap the photo to visit its webpage where you can see it larger and find out more about it.

For iconic landmarks, I've positioned the pins as close to their real location as possible, so you can zoom in for a satellite view of the area.

Not all my hundreds of travel photos are on this map, so remember to browse the full gallery too!

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