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Copyright Licensing

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for respecting my copyright.

I've invested a lot of time and effort in making my content available for free personal use. By charging for services based on my copyrights, I am able to subsidise the costs of operating my websites. If you have any queries, I'm happy to help.

Copyright statement

All material at, and is copyright ©1984- Sean McManus except where indicated otherwise. All rights reserved.

Additional credits

Commercial use and permissions

You can license most of the material on this website for use:

I can customise games to reflect your own website or company themes.

Licences are competitively priced. The price reflects the level of exclusivity you require, the number of reproductions you intend to make, the medium of these reproductions and the amount of material reproduced (or the size of reproduction in the case of photographs).

If you'd like to discuss the opportunities further or would like a quote, please email me without obligation. Please note that you're not allowed to do any of these things without first obtaining a licence.

Summary of personal usage rights

All my work is protected by copyright. Without getting prior permission, you may not:

I'm not trying to limit your rights - I'm just asserting my own. You are still welcome to:

Please note that these lists may not be exhaustive and do not in any way limit my rights. Please ask if you're not sure - I'm happy to cooperate with people who contact me about their requirements in advance.


Selected scripts are made available for use on other websites for free. Any material that you're free to use on your website is described as such on the relevant page, but this doesn't grant you any rights beyond those described. (While you're welcome to distribute Rainbow, for example, you're not allowed to create derivative works from it).

Free licences

I do sometimes grant free licences to people who ask me first. That includes occasions where there are significant promotional benefits to me of having the content distributed, or where it is being distributed for educational use.

Unauthorised and unlicensed use

If any material is copied from any of my websites or publications without permission, I reserve the right to seek to recover the full lifetime value of that material from anyone involved in the copyright infringement, irrespective of how long the pirated material is published for, as well as all costs incurred in detecting the infringement and enforcing the settlement. If you are in any doubt about what is and isn't authorised, please email me and I'll be pleased to help.

Why does copyright matter?

If you're interested in why I defend my copyright, see this blog post.