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How to write scripts that actors want to perform

At the London Comedy Writers Festival 2011, Dan Mazer spoke about the importance of getting talent attached to a script. So what makes performers love your writing and want to bring it to the stage or screen?

Panel discussion at London Comedy Writers Festival

Jessica Hynes and Stephen Mangan in discussion with Declan Lowney at the London Comedy Writers Festival 2011. Photo courtesy of Chris Jones.

The festival provided lots of opportunities for performers to speak out on this. Here's a summary of what Stephen Mangan (Green Wing, Dirk Gently, Adrian Mole) and Jessica Hynes (Spaced, Twenty Twelve) look for in a script:

Another session featured a panel of comedians, actors and writer-performers. They performed material written on the day by some of the writers there and gave feedback on it, as well as taking part in a panel discussion. Their tips included:

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