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31 August 2018

Selling out: Places to sell your music online

Independent bands can sell music directly from their websites, but they'll get more exposure if they sell through a musicians' community or a mainstream CD retailing website.

Here's a list of places where you can sell your music or promote it online. The deals vary from site to site. Read the small print. Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation, although I have tried to add sites that already have some momentum and value. See also my guide to selling music on Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

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Go undercover in the music business with my novel Earworm!

Earworm: A hilarious satire of the music industry

Book cover: University of Death

My novel 'Earworm' satirises the music industry and predicts its potential meltdown. The book is named after the band at the centre of the action and takes a slice through the music industry: from the boardroom to the stage; from the studio to the record fair. It explores how fans relate to their favourite bands, how businesses use technology to manipulate consumers, and what would happen if the music industry disappeared overnight.

Although the novel includes fictionalised cameos from some well-known pop stars, the story focuses on those who are at the bottom of the industry and trying to claw their way up.

How was it for you?

I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences with any of these sites, or any others you've used to promote your music. Contact me.