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The Javascript smart marketing toolkit

Cookies enable you to store a small file on the user's computer. In it, you can include their login details so they don't have to type in their username and password each time they visit, or you can track details about where they go on your site so you can make it easier to use. You can also store information about which adverts they've seen so you can ensure all the adverts get fair exposure.

Your server can't access the information stored in a cookie, though, and it's specific to the browser and machine they're using rather than the user.

Nevertheless, you can use cookies to make your site much smarter.

The Javascript Smart Marketing Toolkit provides routines that will make it easier for webdesigners to build more responsive sites using Javascript. It enables messages to be adapted to each visitor.

The tools fall into three categories: cookie management, time and date tools and banner advert cycling.

One remarkable point to note is that although this code was written in 1999 and we've seen countless browser updates since then, it still works five years later.

Download the toolkit

The toolkit comes as a package of Javascript routines to paste into the HEAD of your HTML documents and is downloaded in a ZIP file. The documentation for the functions is on this website. It is assumed that you're comfortable with the basics of using Javascript - this toolkit isn't suitable for absolute beginners.

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Download the toolkit

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