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Download the Scratch Your Nose sprites for Scratch

Red Nose Day is a UK fundraising initiative every two years, run by Comic Relief. It combines a telethon with fundraising activities in the community. In 2015, some Scratch sprite packs were released for Red Nose Day, with themes including health, danceathon, celebrities, cars, and red noses. The sprites are a lot of fun, but unfortunately the site that was distributing them is no longer online.

For Red Nose Day 2019, I've posted them online again. I have done this on the understanding that these sprites were originally made available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike licence, which would have been necessary for users to be able to share their projects on the Scratch website.

Download the sprites

Some of the cartoon red nose sprites

Some of the Red Nose Day sprites

The sprites are provided in separate zip files. Each zip file contains a set of PNG images that you can upload into Scratch to use as costumes for your sprites.

Support Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day and Comic Relief help to support vulnerable people in the UK and internationally. You can support Comic Relief at any time by making a donation on the Comic Relief website.

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