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Thank you for your interest in contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you! To help you more quickly, I've answered the most frequently asked questions below.

By sending me material, you grant me permission to use it in any way without payment or credit to you. I have to say this to protect me from claims of infringement in the event that I am already working on similar ideas. All my email replies are for your personal use only and not for publication (in blogs or school projects, for example) unless you tell me in advance. By sending email, you consent to all the terms of my privacy and copyright policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I put one of your photos/articles/games on my website? - Please email to ask me first, including details of your website.
  • Do you accept guest posts? Sorry, no. I don't have time to work with them.
  • Can you review or help me promote my music? - No, sorry. Try these outlets.
  • Can you tell me more about being a journalist and journalism careers?
  • Can you help me break this story in the national press? (conspiracies, politics, scandals etc)
  • How can I get an Amstrad emulator working on my PC?
  • Can I link to your website? - Yes, but please link to HTML pages (not images, PDFs or other files) and please don't frame this site. Thank you for the link!
  • Will you link to my website? - Unlikely. For the last ten years or so, all the requests I've received have come from businesses looking for promotion and SEO links. Sometimes they have created good content, but I don't have time to promote other businesses in this way. Adding and maintaining links is a time consuming process. That said, if someone contacts me in the spirit of the early Internet with similar interests, I'd be pleased to talk about how we could work together.
  • Where can I buy your books?
  • How else can I support your website? - To be honest, people don't ask this often. But if you found something useful here and would like to return the favour, here are some ideas. Thank you!
  • What is your privacy policy?
  • I can't find a page on your site - Try the search first, but do ask if you're still struggling. I have removed some content I considered to be obsolete, but I can probably send it to you if you are missing it.
  • Can I comment on your blog? - If comments are not currently enabled on the blog, please do email me your feedback. I'll update the post where appropriate.
  • Is your website/domain name for sale? - No.
  • Can you help me with this family tree enquiry? - No, sorry.
  • Are you the CBS chairman, former president of CBS News? - Yes, people do ask this, and no I'm not.

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Coding Compendium

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Web Design in Easy Steps

Web Design IES

Web Design in Easy Steps, now in its 7th Edition, shows you how to make effective websites that work on any device.

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100 Top Tips: Microsoft Excel

Power up your Microsoft Excel skills with this powerful pocket-sized book of tips that will save you time and help you learn more from your spreadsheets.

Scratch Programming in Easy Steps

Scratch Programming IES

This book, now fully updated for Scratch 3, will take you from the basics of the Scratch language into the depths of its more advanced features. A great way to start programming.

Mission Python book

Mission Python

Code a space adventure game in this Python programming book published by No Starch Press.

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Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps

Discover how to make 3D games, create mazes, build a drum machine, make a game with cartoon animals and more!

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