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Stock photos of England

I live in the UK so I've had many opportunities to travel there. In my galleries, I have folders dedicated to London, Wales and Birmingham, but here's a gallery that includes all the UK photos that didn't comfortably fit elsewhere. It includes shots from Manchester, Battle (site of the Battle of Hastings), Leeds Castle, Brighton, Stonehenge and more.

If you'd like to download, embed or license any of these pictures, please contact me first. Feel free to ask me too if you're looking for more high quality photos of England. I have lots of great photos in my stock picture library that aren't online.

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The Eden Project, Cornwall

the domes of The Eden Project

a robot made of rubbish

St Ives, Cornwall

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Land's End



the site of the Battle of Hastings

the ruins of Battle Abbey

inside Battle Abbey

the Horror Hotel on Brighton Pier

the Helter Skelter on Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier

Factory Records HQ / FAC251

Factory Records HQ / FAC251

Inspiral Carpets paving stone

a lion's head doorknocker

Tudor kings and queens

old books on a bookshelf


the hedge maze at Leeds Castle

a boat out with the buoys

yoga in the airport

"free range children" sign

Arbor Low

a funny car sign

an ancient gravestone

overgrown headstones

Lincoln Cathedral

"teach" graffiti

cranes in Southampton

graffiti in Gloucester

a flock of starlings

Gloucester Cathedral

the entrance to Gloucester Cathedral

the stained glass windows in Gloucester Cathedral

a stained glass window

the stonework of Gloucester Cathedral

the wall of Gloucester Cathedral

a door and window

the Lake District, UK

the Lake District, UK

Queen Elizabeth II

Warwick Castle

the Iron Bridge, UK

the tolls on the Iron Bridge


a Halloween pumpkin in Cambridge

Eurotunnel's dog exercise area

Lyme Regis, UK

a large fossil at Lyme Regis

ammonites in rock

beach huts

Corfe Castle, UK

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