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For the latest news from the band, check out the official website. Tom Hingley tours continuously, both playing solo acoustic gigs (which often include IC favourites in the setlist) and with his new band The Lovers. Tom's website lists tour dates. For reviews of and links for buying Inspirals and related albums, visit my Inspirals shop. Check out the new iTunes-only album of rarities and b-sides too!

My Inspiral related interviews, reviews and photos

Tom Hingley performing with The Lovers

Tom Hingley with The Lovers in '97. More photos from this set.

Inspirals albums at Amazon

Read reviews of these releases in my Inspiral Carpets shop or click the covers to go to Amazon to read customer reviews and hear samples there.

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Inspiral Carpets: The Sessions Inspiral Carpets: Life Inspiral Carpets: The Beast Inside
Inspiral Carpets: Revenge of the Goldfish Inspiral Carpets: Devil Hopping Tom Hingley and the Lovers album: Abba are the enemy
Tom Hingley: Soul Fire Tom Hingley: Keep Britain Untidy DVD: Inspiral Carpets Live