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Sean's Javascript tutorials, demos and examples

Hangman I've been playing with Javascript since my first website, and it's used extensively throughout this site. By way of Javascript examples, you can see a widget of famous writing quotes, chat to a virtual me, or play a game of Hangman or play one of several other Javascript games I've made.

In this part of my website, I share some tips and tricks for using Javascript to achieve various effects on your website.

For help taking your first steps with Javascript, see my book Web Design in Easy Steps.

If Goya had learned Javascript

Goya screengrab detail It's a little known - and somewhat made-up - fact that the artist Goya was working on a Javascript rollover demonstration. Here, he shows you what he wanted to do with his painting 'La Maja Vestida' and gives you some advice on creating Javascript rollovers for your own site.

Free javascript advent calendar for your website

Photo: Christmas bauble Help your visitors count down to Christmas with this free and easily customised javascript advent calendar for your website. Each door could hide videos, songs, games, books, or software. There are basic controls to stop people opening doors early.

The script includes instructions so you can customise the image, the layout of the doors and what's behind each one.

More javascript tutorials and free Javascripts

What else would you like to see?

If there's a Javascript tutorial you're looking for, drop me a line to let me know and I'll see if I can add it here for you.