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Mission Python: Code a Space Adventure Game

Book cover: Mission Python

Air is running out. There's a leak in the space station, so you've got to act fast. Can you find your way to safety? You'll need to navigate your way through the space station, find the key cards to unlock the doors, and fix your space suit before entering the airlock. The adventure has begun...

And it starts here: on Earth, at mission command, also known as 'your computer'. In this book, you'll learn how to build your own graphical adventure game, with a map to explore, objects to interact with, and tricky logic puzzles.

You'll discover how to use Python to build the Escape game. You'll learn how to customize it, so you can add your own graphics and puzzles, and even use the game engine to build an entirely different game. For the graphical elements, you'll use Pygame Zero.

The game runs on a Windows PC or a Raspberry Pi, and uses free software. The game will be supported by a pack of downloadable sounds and graphics to use in building the game.

Mission Python is being printed now and will be published in September 2018. For updates, follow me on Twitter. If you'd like to try some Python programming now, take a look at the new edition of Raspberry Pi For Dummies, out now. It includes two chapters introducing programming in Python, and using Pygame Zero.

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