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Stock photos of South Africa

These photos, originally shot on film and then scanned with a negative scanner, were taken in South Africa in 2005. They include photos of animals taken in the Kruger National Park and photographs of Cape Town.

If you'd like to download, embed or license any of these pictures, please contact me first. Feel free to ask me too if you're looking for more high quality photos of South Africa. I have lots of great photos in my stock picture library that aren't online.

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the shadow of a plane landing in Cape Town

Table Mountain from the air

Table Mountain and Cape Town

a shipwreck on Robben Island

the cell blocks on Robben Island

a barred window on Robben Island

the classroom on Robben Island

African penguins on Robben Island

the African penguin colony, Robben Island

a dassie (hyrax) on table mountain

hippos in South Africa

warning sign in South Africa

a lioness, South Africa

a female greater kudu, South Africa

a female kudu, side-on

a giraffe, South Africa

giraffe in camouflage

a lilac breasted roller

wildebeest in the Kruger National Park

an impala

impalas at a watering hole

a redbilled hornbill bird

an elephant in the Kruger National Park

an elephant in a mud bath

two zebras

impalas fighting

Bourke's Luck Potholes

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