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Photo of a lioness, South Africa

Photo of a lioness, South Africa in South Africa

We saw this lioness (female lion) when we went on safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. She had been injured and was walking slowly, close to the road. The rangers in the park told us that they don't interfere in the natural order of the park, so they don't intervene to save an animal that is attacked by others. That risks ultimately weakening the species if weaker genes are passed on, and could also make the animals dependent on human care. We had a moonlight dinner in the park one night after a safari, where the rangers told us all about how they work in the park. On the night safari we didn't see any of the larger animals, but it was fascinating to get an insight into how the park is managed and protected. The best time for a safari is first thing in the morning, before the first cars in the park have scared the animals away from the roads.

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a lioness, South Africa
Location:South Africa
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